Monday, April 4, 2011

the BLABBERIN': That wasn't Korean at all

So last Saturday a friend of mine was having a housewarming party at his new apartment somewhere in Puchong and I went there and was like among the earliest people to get there. So the TV was on to entertain us while waiting for others to come. And a friend suddenly changed the channel to Astro Ria to watch the so called "AF9". Well...I don't really watch AF though...but what the heck..there was nothing to do there rather than watching all the twelve new faces of AF students. =.='. I remember that when the students were introducing themselves, there was a guy named Erul if I'm not mistaken saying something ended with "saeyo" and I was like what????what did he say????is that Korean????It doesn't sound like Korean at all...was he saying "annyeonghasaeyo"? coz I swear that was nothing like "annyeonghasaeyo". And when it was about his turn, Pak Nil introduced him being a K-POP lover and I was like shoot!! A K-POP fans entering AF? Hurm...this is quite interesting...and so I watched his performance...and ended up cursing him.


WHAT WERE YOU SINGING??? seriously...That was not Korean at was so embarrassing...Ergh!!!!Ok lah the second song he sang was good and I don't doubt that he has got the voice and the talent to dance. but seriously.....please...don't sing anymore Korean song in the upcoming concert. PLEASE!!!!I'm begging youuuuu ERUL!!!! U need to improve your korean before you can sing anymore Korean song. If you think by claiming that you're a K-POP lover and all K-POP fans in Malaysia will vote for you, well..think again..U have to do more than that to win their votes..TRUST ME~!!!!!! Lagi-lagi la kau nyanyi lagu 2PM..memang cari nahas la ngn MY HOTTEST  (2PM's Fan Club in Malaysia)..hurm..I wonder if u even know what's MY HOTTEST is...Pffft~. There is another blog which I'm sure many of you know the writer, Abang Nara. Even, Abang Nara pon komen pasal Erul.:P. Here's the link; "Beautiful Nara" and Erul please...improve your Korean.


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